Tim Hortons Entering 2019 with New Double-Double Timbit

(stock image)

TORONTO — Tim Hortons has unveiled a new line of coffee-flavoured baked goods and hot beverages for the winter season, including the Double-Double Timbit, a tiramisu doughnut.

For a limited time, the chain will also offer caramel-fudge-flavoured beverages, such as the caramel-fudge latte, caramel-fudge hot chocolate and caramel-fudge French vanilla.

“With many cold winter days still ahead, we want to warm Canadians’ spirits with exciting new flavours and treats they’ll get excited about,” says Jorge Zaidan, head of Marketing at Tim Hortons Canada. “We’re excited to bring the beloved Tim Hortons Double-Double flavour to Canadians in an entirely new way.”

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