Tim Hortons Foundation Camps Enters $5-million Five-Year Partnership to Support BIPOC Youth

Kids at Summer Camp Cheering

TORONTO —Tim Hortons Foundation Camps (Tims Camps) has pledged $5 million to a five-year partnership with Justice Fund Toronto to support under-served youth. This fall, the two not-for-profit organizations will combine their resources to provide programming opportunities for Black, Indigenous and youth of colour (BIPOC) from under-resourced communities in Toronto.

Since 1974, Tims Camps has been a Canadian leader in youth development programming with six campuses across Canada. The Justice Fund was founded by Yonis Hassan, Noah “40” Shebib and Jermyn Creed to break the cycle of conflict in under-served communities by providing youth with opportunities to thrive.

Tims Camps has dedicated BIPOC youth programming at two campus sites: Tim Horton Onondaga Farms Camp in St. George, Ont. and the Tim Horton Memorial Camp in Parry Sound, Ont. In addition, Tims Camps will provide its first-ever, off-campus programming via after-school sessions at a new downtown facility to be opened by the Justice Fund.

“Tim Hortons restaurant owners have spent decades funding our exceptional campsites across Canada and youth programming that has helped more than 300,000 youth since 1974. This is the first time we have entered into a significant partnership to focus on helping a specific community in need in downtown Toronto. The combination of downtown and at-camp programming will be a powerful experience that we believe will change many lives and help break the cycles of poverty and violence that we see in these communities,” says Duncan Fulton, CCO of Tim Hortons and Chairman of Tims Camps.

“Justice Fund has created something extraordinary that puts youth and their communities first, working with Tims Camps, supporting youth in need through exceptional programming and experiences,” says Yonis Hassan, co-founder and CEO of Justice Fund.

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