Tim Hortons Introduces “Timmy Run” App


OAKVILLE — Tim Hortons has just introduced an easier way to make coffee runs with the release of its web-based “Timmy-Run” tool.

“Most of us have taken part in a Timmy Run, either as a volunteer runner or a recipient,” said Glenn Hollis, vice-president of Brand Marketing and Advertising.

“The new TimmyRun is just the thing to make coffee runs easier and more convenient. In fact, it may even encourage more people to step up and volunteer for a run or surprise their friends or colleagues.”

To order, customers invite friends to join their group, create a profile and customize up to two of their beverages. Once someone starts a Timmy Run, others in the group are notified with an email and have to opt-in within a specified timeframe. Once time runs out, the runner is notified of everyone’s orders, which are combined into a list along with delivery instructions to make it easier to match up drinks to friends upon return.

The application is available in Canada and the United States at timmyrun.com.

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