Tim Hortons Launches Creamy Chocolate Chill


TORONTO — Illusionist Darcy Oake and DJ Deadmau5 ushered in Tim Hortons’ new summer beverage, the Creamy Chocolate Chill, last night at the Thompson hotel in Toronto, where the Tims’ team offered media beverages and entertainment from the two Canadian acts.

Oake is the star of a new commercial that coincides with the launch. Setting up trick cameras inside a Quebec Tim Hortons, the illusionist makes a customer levitate, much to the staff’s surprise. It’s all in a bid to boost the taste experience, says David Clanachan, president and COO, Tim Hortons Canada. “Tim Hortons elevated the Canadian cold specialty coffee category to new heights in 1999 with our iconic Iced Capp, and we think Creamy Chocolate Chill is really going to shake up the frozen treat market in much the same way.”
The non-caffeinated beverage, blended with cream and layered with chocolate, was launched last year in the U.S. and was a “phenomenal success” with Americans, especially among its younger customers. And, it’s just one of many upcoming product launches, Clanachan adds, including “all kinds of new sandwiches that are coming out, baked goods that are coming out in that Nutella range but with all types of flavour. The idea is just to give people something different to try on a regular basis.”


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