Tim Hortons Launches New Dark Roast


TORONTO — As of today, Tim Hortons has begun serving a new and improved Dark Roast, which is brewed fresh from 100-per-cent premium Arabica beans for a bolder and richer flavour.

The first Tim Hortons Dark Roast launched in 2014 and the recipe was then adapted to be darker in 2017. This new Dark Roast is a reflection of guest feedback and a desire for an even bolder flavour.

“The amount of work that went into developing this new Dark Roast was really incredible. We actually developed about four dozen variations of the Dark Roast to zero-in on the perfect balance of richness and smoothness,” says Kevin West, head of Coffee Operations, Tim Hortons. “We wanted this Dark Roast to taste bold — but not burnt or bitter. It’s incredibly rich with a harmonious blend of complex flavours, subtle notes of chocolate, cedar and even hints of fruit and floral characteristics.”

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