Tim Hortons Pulls Out of Kandahar


OAKVILLE, Ont. — Tim Hortons is putting the lid on its Kandahar, Afghanistan restaurant.

The war-zone coffee shop, at the Kandahar airfield, provided a small taste of home to Canadian troops. “It has been an absolute privilege and honour for Tim Hortons to be associated with the military and bring a little taste of home to the brave Canadian soldiers serving overseas,” said Paul House, executive chairman, president and CEO, Tim Hortons.

Proceeds from the not-for-profit outlet benefited the Canadian military community and family support programs. More than 300 sea containers of Tim Hortons products were shipped over five years to Kandahar from Kingston, Ont. And, the chain estimates the airfield coffee shop has served 2.5-million customers from more than 37 different countries. More than 230 people made the trip from Canada to Kandahar to work at the special unit, which had a customer base that included 30,000 Canadian Forces members in more than 11 rotations.

The Kandahar restaurant will close Nov. 29, solidifying the fact to many Canadians that our troops are coming home.

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