Tim Hortons Re-Launches Two Doughnuts


TORONTO — Tim Hortons has re-launched its Apple Fritter and Boston Cream doughnuts. The Apple Fritter now contains 40 per cent more apples while the Boston Cream contains an additional 33 per cent of filling.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve everything on menu, even the classics. Canadians already loved the Apple Fritter and Boston Cream, and now we’ve made them even more delicious by adding tons more apples and filling in those two doughnuts,” says chef Tallis Voakes, director of Culinary Innovation for Tim Hortons. “Tims fans should stay tuned because we have some more really exciting breakfast, lunch and beverage announcements coming soon.”

The new doughnuts are the latest in a series of quality improvements and menu additions, including the introduction of freshly cracked eggs, new lunch wraps and sandwiches, Dark Roast and espresso blends, availability of oat beverage and a lineup of cold beverages, such as Cold Brew and Tims Real Fruit Quenchers.

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