Tim Hortons to Introduce Espresso Capsules at Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Tim Hortons Espresso Capsules

TORONTO — Tim Hortons Espresso Capsules, which are compatible with Nespresso Original Line Coffee Machines, will be available soon at participating restaurants nationwide, as well as at grocery stores, including Amazon, Sobeys, IGA, Safeway, Metro and more. Flavours include Classic Lungo, Bold Espresso, Bright Espresso and Decaf Espresso.

“Tim Hortons is excited to introduce a new way to experience its high-quality espresso with the launch of Espresso Capsules,” says Sourabh Malik, vice-president of Consumer-Packaged Goods at Tim Hortons. “Canadians will love every rich sip of our espresso varieties, which will be available soon at grocery stores and participating Tim Hortons restaurants across the country. Our guests can already savour the flavour and intensity of Tim Hortons espresso in our restaurants with our handcrafted espresso beverages and can now complement that experience at home with our Tim Hortons Espresso Capsules.”

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