Tim Hortons Unveils Store of the Future


OAKVILLE, Ont. — Tim Hortons executives have been rethinking their food-and-beverage offerings, unveiling a futuristic concept store inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre as part of the company’s Owners’ Convention last week.

Created to inspire more sales-boosting ideas for franchisees, the new concept store offered quinoa salads, coffee-flavoured beer, omelettes, crepes, cupcakes and grab-and-go packaged sandwiches, which can be ordered via a touchscreen menu on tabletops and delivered by a Tim Hortons employee. The design has also been revamped, featuring white banquettes and tables. “These are all really pushing the edge of the envelope, but we are really gauging reaction to some of them,” David Clanachan, COO at Tim Hortons, told the Financial Post. “Before we would start taking this outside [to consumers] we want to understand how [franchisees] feel.”

Execs hope the visual brainstorming session will generate buzz and new ideas that will give their customers more value.

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