Time Out Market Montreal Re-Opens

Entrance at Time Out Market Montreal
(JF Galipeau)

MONTREAL — Time Out Market Montreal re-opened on July 8, after pausing operations in March to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

The food hall continues to prioritize the health and safety of guests, employees, concessionaires and their teams. In addition to following government regulations and Santé Montréal’s protocols, Time Out Market’s natural infrastructure, along with intensified safety precautions and new systems implemented — including contactless ordering through the Time Out Market app and health-and-safety communication vestibules — aim to provide guests with an enjoyable dining experience.

“Time Out Market Montreal has 40,000 sq. ft. for guests to social distance without losing the fun atmosphere that makes dining at Time Out Market so special,” says Didier Souillat, CEO, Time Out Market. “Since the market represents the very best in local dining, based on editorial curation, our editorial voice will be a prominent part of re-opening. Throughout the market, social-distancing partitions will be inscribed with quotes from a diverse group of Montrealers and our video screens will feature local content curated by Time Out editors. Time Out Market Montreal will continue to bring local culture and exhibit the pulse of the city.”

To comply with social distancing, the market has staggered its kitchen re-openings in waves. The first wave featured eight concepts, including Marusan, Le Red Tiger Cantine Vietnamese, Paul Toussaint, Il Miglio, Moleskine, Romados, Signé Local and Ateliers & Saveurs classes at Time Out Market Montreal’s Cooking School.

The food hall aims to welcome back its full list of its signature chefs and restaurateurs in subsequent re-opening phases.

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