Tim’s Announces Launch of Pasta To-Go


OAKVILLE, Ont. — Tim Hortons is introducing a Beef Lasagna Casserole bowl to its menu across Canada and calling the pasta to-go the first of its kind at a national quick-service restaurant in Canada.

“Whether Canadians are looking for a hearty hot lunch or a convenient dinner on the way home from work, Tim Hortons’s new Beef Lasagna Casserole offers the comfort of a warm homestyle meal, available to enjoy in our restaurants and in the drive-thru,” said Donna Finelli, director of Brand Marketing for food at Tim Hortons.

“This is also a great new nourishing alternative to typical fast-food fare, like burgers and fries.”

The new offering is part of the company’s menu extension of the hot bowl category, which includes soups and chili. Tim Hortons sells almost three quarters of soup served in quick-service restaurants in Canada and close to seven out of 10 bowls of chili.

A regular 10-oz serving of Beef Lasagna Casserole has 280 calories, provides 13 g of protein and sells for $4.49 per serving.

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