Tim’s Announces Winner of Duelling Doughnut Contest


TORONTO — The Tortoise Tort doughnut, created by Andrew Shepherd of Scarborough, Ont., is the winner of the first Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts contest.

The Tortoise Torte was inspired by Shepherd’s favourite flavours. It’s a vanilla base doughnut filled with caramel, covered in chocolate fondant, drizzled in caramel icing and topped with praline pecan pieces.

“Congratulations to Andrew for making Tim Hortons doughnut history. The Tortoise Torte was nothing short of awesome, and, who knows, it may become a new favourite for Tim’s fans across Canada,” said Jason Priestley, who sampled and voted on the top 10 doughnuts. “I had a great time judging the first-ever Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts contest. It was a quintessential Canadian moment, and I’sll remember it — and all the doughnuts I ate — for years to come.”

The contest, which had 63,000 submissions, began in June. The winning doughnut will soon be available for a limited time at Tim’s stores.

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