Tim’s Releases Second Sustainability Report


OAKVILLE — Tim Hortons has revealed the results of the sustainability and responsibility goals it set in 2009, with the release of its 2011 sustainability and responsibility report.

The Oakville-based company’s second annual accountability report, titled “Making a True Difference,” details three sustainability pillars: individuals, communities and the planet.

“Sustainability and responsibility is a key corporate priority for Tim Hortons, this is only our second year formally reporting and sharing our performance publicly,” said Paul House, president, CEO, Tim Hortons.

The report shows a commitment to healthier menu options, a focus on sodium reduction and a 100-per-cent response rate to guest enquiries. With regard to community, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation gave $600,000 worth of bursaries to graduates of the Youth Leadership Program in 2011, while nearly $10 million was raised for the foundation on Camp Day last year. House reports that $16 million was invested in communities across North America.

Other outcomes include a greening commitment, with four restaurants registered for LEED certification in 2011, and a goal of certifying 30 by 2016. Additionally, the foodservice company experienced a 22-per-cent increase in diverting beverage cups and other packing in 2011.

The results of their fuel efficiency, aboriginal relations program and animal-welfare initiatives are also found in the report, which can be accessed at sustainabilityreport.timhortons.com.

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