Top Chef Winner to Open a Pub-Style Eatery


VANCOUVER — Top Chef Canada winner, Dale Mackay, is preparing to open his second restaurant in Vancouver, according to a Vancouver Sun blog.

The new menu will be vastly different than his first restaurant, Ensemble, which opened in May and features a menu inspired by worldly cuisine made with classic French techniques.

In a twist, the new eatery will offer nachos, wings, hamburgers and a large selection of beers. “It’s going to be pub food done really well,” MacKay told the Sun of the new spot that will appeal to UFC and Canuck fans who will be able to watch their favourite teams on big-screen TVs.

Brad Hendrickson, Ensemble’s head chef, will make the move to the new restaurant as head chef.

The name and location of the restaurant, which is set to open in early December, is yet to be announced.

For more details, visit Vancouver Sun blog

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