Top Trends from Canada’s Best New Restaurants


TORONTO — Along with its Best New Restaurants list, Air Canada enRoute released a list of top trends spotted during the cross-country trek to pick the top 10.

Pasta dishes featuring Asian influences, lobster cooked over charcoal, pairing horseradish with proteins beyond beef, heirloom grains and the use of sunflower seeds in risottos were among the top food trends identified.

The list also identified several trends from behind the bar that made an impression, including shaken cocktails with egg whites, Greek wines, batch cocktails (served in pitchers and swing-top bottles) and craft-adult coffees, featuring small-batch roasts spiked with local craft spirits.

From a design perspective, chandeliers, two-storey murals and a wide variety of bird décor set the scene at several of the nominated restaurants.

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