Topper’s Pizza Offers Lactose-Free Mozzarella


SUDBURY, Ont. — Topper’s Pizza is the first Canadian pizza chain to offer Galbani Professionale lactose-free mozzarella on its menu, produced by Lactalis. This option will be available at the chain’s 37 locations across Ontario.

The new offering comes on the heels of an Angus Reid survey commissioned by Topper’s Pizza. Ontario led the country with 26 per cent answering yes to having food allergies or sensitivities, including lactose. Additionally, 69 per cent of Ontarians said having a lactose-free option allows them the freedom to feed their family worry free. Seven-in-10 Ontarians feel “menus lack options for people who want cheese, but struggle with lactose” and 65 per cent said that “allergen-free food options are too limiting in terms of taste and availability.”

“Galbani is the number-1 cheese in Italy, with over 140 years of history, which is one of many reasons we are proud to partner with them. Lactose intolerant customers should feel confident they can now indulge in a great pizza experience with our lactose-free offering without discomfort,” says Marie Fennell, president of Topper’s Pizza. “The survey confirms why we need to provide more offerings for people with lactose intolerances. This is the same great mozzarella our customers have come to know and love, which means Topper’s Pizza will now be able to bring more family and friends together at mealtime. Parents have told us they will finally be able to re-discover their love for pizza and enjoy stress-free dinners with their kids.”

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