Toronto-based App Aims to Cut Food Waste


TORONTO — A new Canadian app hopes to put a major dent in food waste. According to blogTO, the Flashfood app will let Toronto restaurants and retailers sell leftover, discarded or unused food directly to customers at a discounted price. With a planned launch in late summer, Flashfood will allow users to set up profiles and browse through deals from participating stores and restaurants.

“The big issue with food waste, across the board, is logistics. Who’s going to pick up the food? Who’s going to drop off the food?” says Josh Domingues, founder of the Flashfood app. “What Flashfood does is negate the logistical issues with that process.”

The app will also allow users to see the amount of wasted food they’re diverting from landfills.

Flashfood is marketing the app as a dual-win for both retailers and consumers, as the former can make some of its money back and consumers can buy meats and produce at a discount. Flashfood will take a portion of each transaction.

Domingues says he has signed up 15 eateries to date, including downtown pizzeria King Slice and barbecue restaurant Alex Rei dos Leitoes. He says he has an agreement with major grocery chain as well and hopes to expand across Canada and then globally.

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