Toronto Council Bans Sale of Shark Fins


TORONTO — A ban on the possession, sale and consumption of shark fins has passed approval in Toronto.

Last night, Oct. 25, city coucillors voted 38 to 4 in favour of the ban, following in the footsteps of Ontario townships, such as Brantford, Oakville and Mississauga. “Sharks in every single ocean of the world are clapping as we speak.

We did this to make sure they didn’t get wiped off the face of the Earth,” councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker told reporters after the victory. “We’re being part of a global solution to solve a global problem.”    

The mayor and deputy mayor were among the bylaw’s detractors, many of whom are worried the ban will be challenged in court. “The problem is we’re heading for a legal fight that is going to be very costly, and we probably won’t win,” Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday was quoted as saying in the National Post. “We can’t go down the road again of throwing taxpayers money in the ocean.

The ban is set to take effect next September.

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