Toronto Becomes Home to Live Local Marketplace


TORONTO — A handful of Toronto food vendors are selling food from refurbished shipping containers outside the city’s Scadding Court Community Centre at what’s being called the Live Local Marketplace.

The Marketplace, which is located in the Dundas and Bathurst area, runs from noon to 7 p.m. on Tuesday through Sunday. The food choices range from hot Indian sandwiches to Korean pancakes.

“It has come to light that there’s a whole market in Toronto for different kinds of street food and also food that is accessible and available and not run-of-the-mill,” Kevin Lee, Scadding Court’s executive director told the Toronto Star. “We decided to use underutilized city assets and create opportunities for startups and established businesses.”

Vendors include Monforte Dairy serving cheeses, sandwiches and soup, the Magic Oven selling Indian food and The Original One serving bubble tea, smoothies and pop.

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