Toronto Sun Highlights 2012 Food Trends


TORONTO — The Toronto Sun has compiled a list of food trends to watch for in 2012.

Among this year’s trends are birch syrup, gluten-free products, cocoa nibs and natural cocoa powder, and portable snacks. The trend to eating local will also continue to gain traction.

Other notable trends include food trucks and food preservation. The Sun believes there will also be increased marketing targeted at men as they are becoming more apt to do the grocery shopping and prep food. Appetizers such as arancini, falafels, croquettes and meatballs will continue to show solid growth, while all things related to healthy eating will remain popular. In terms of ethnic cuisine, Eastern European dishes such as dumplings and borscht will show good growth.

The authors also note some fun fads including snow ice, beer candy, fennel pollen and culinary food vacations.

For more details on Foodie Trends in 2012, visit Toronto Sun.

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