Toronto’s Charles Khabouth Opens Cocktail Parlour


TORONTO — Charles Khabouth, in partnership with Hanif Harji, the duo behind Toronto’s Patria and Weslodge, have opened a new cocktail parlour in the city.

Named The Cocktail Parlor, the new lounge is located on the second floor of Storys, a 170-year-old brick-and-beam building. Elan Marks is the cocktail director at the lounge, which has 66 drinks on the menu. There’s also a snack-bar menu offering items such as spiced hamachi with bruléed lime and slices of seared sirloin served on a salt rock. The food program is helmed by chef Stuart Cameron.

Meanwhile, Khabouth has also announced plans to open a 70-seat Seafood Tavern in the Storys’ space. It’s due to open in the fall.

image courtesy of The Cocktail Bar Facebook Page


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