Toronto’s Eight Wine Bar Re-launches


TORONTO — The Cosmopolitan Toronto Hotel’s Eight Wine Bar has been refocused and re-launched with more emphasis on wine and food pairings, a departure from more traditional dinner-sized entrées and an introduction to more sociable offerings such as cheese and charcuterie platters.

“The idea is to promote a more interactive dining experience, not just among the diners themselves, but between the diners and their meals, as well,” explains Mark Richardson, the chef de cuisine. “With smaller portions, our guests will be able to taste a wider variety of foods and wines, mixing and matching flavours to their liking. All of us at Eight are passionate epicures, and we like to encourage that same adventurous gastronomic spirit in our clientele.”

The concept change has been complemented by a new interior design that creates a more intimate setting. “We’ve made the room much more cozy and lounge-like, with booths that facilitate sharing and canoodling,” says Sheila Person, manager and sommelier of the 120-seat restaurant. “It’s much less of a formal dining room and more like the kind of place where you’d feel comfortable unwinding and relaxing with friends.”


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