TouchBistro Gets QuickBooks Integration


NEW YORK — TouchBistro, the iPad point-of-sale (POS) app for restaurants, now includes in-app access to QuickBooks, making bookkeeping more convenient for restaurant operators.

QuickBooks in TouchBistro, eliminates the need for tedious double-entry of data — once during the POS process and again into accounting records. The integration of the two services utilizes cloud-based technology provided by Shogo to synchronize data between what’s stored in the new TouchBistro QuickBooks and what restaurateurs already have archived in their standalone versions of QuickBooks.

Upon installing the latest version of TouchBistro, the application identifies cost categories on the POS side and maps them to the corresponding accounting categories within QuickBooks. These new features reduce the amount of data that operators must input manually and ensure data accuracy across all systems through automated cross-referencing using Shogo’s cloud technology.

“TouchBistro is committed to helping restaurant owners and managers improve their bottom line by seeking out new partners and the best technologies to increase efficiencies and simplify operations,” says Alex Barrotti, CEO and founder of TouchBistro. “By offering integration with QuickBooks within our restaurant iPad app, we are helping our customers to improve the efficiency of their back office operations.”

For existing TouchBistro clients, the embedded QuickBooks feature can be activated after updating to the latest version of TouchBistro.

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