TouchBistro Named Best Restaurant POS System for Third Consecutive Year


TORONTO — Business News Daily has once again named TouchBistro Best POS System for Restaurants in its annual review of point-of-sale (POS) equipment, citing TouchBistro’s ability “to run all types of food establishments without all the fuss” as the winning factor. “Whether you run a fine-dining restaurant, casual eatery, cafe, food truck, pub or any other type of restaurant, TouchBistro is an affordable and easy-to-use POS system that focuses solely on your unique needs,” the publication outlines.

“This is a tremendous recognition from Business News Dailyfor our long-term commitment to our customers’ success,” says Alex Barrotti, CEO and founder of TouchBistro.“While other POS solutions lose focus by trying to appeal to other verticals, like gaming or even gas stations, we believe our laser focus on hospitality is what led to this award.”

TouchBistro’s POS software, which runs on iPads, has consistently topped Apple’s App Store charts in more than 37 countries. Using the app, waiters can submit orders to the kitchen as they’re made table-side, eliminating the need to run back and forth. TouchBistro also allows customers to pay for their orders at their tables.

Most recently, TouchBistro was granted a new patent which outlines a quick and easy way to split bills between customers using its iPad app. The feature aims to provide restaurant staff with a powerful tool to allocate ordered items to individual guests and split bills accordingly, helping to reduce the time-consuming and error-ridden process of bill splitting, which often adds unnecessary stress to serving staff and slows down table turnover rates.

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