Tourisme Montréal Releases List of Sustainable City Restaurants


MONTREAL — Tourisme Montréal is responding to tourist requests and introducing a list of sustainable restaurants in the city.

Tourisme Montréal joined with the France-based firm Viatao, which specializes in sustainable tourism, to create a list of 19 sustainable restaurants in the city based on a 66-criteria eco-rating.

“Since 2008, Tourisme Montréal has been working in concert with the tourism industry to make Montreal a greener destination,” said the Honourable Charles Lapointe, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “Sustainable gastronomy is a boon to the local economy and our environment, and it satisfies a demand on the part of tourists. Showcasing it makes perfect sense for everybody.”

The restaurants named in the list include the famed Toqué (pictured), which offers 90-per-cent local food in a LEED-certified building with a rooftop garden that employs recycling and composting. Other restaurants mentioned include Brasserie T, Laloux and Lola Rosa. The complete list can be found at

Photo by Stéphan Poulin





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