TrainCan Food-Safety Programs Recognized in Quebec


TORONTO — The Toronto-based TrainCan’s BASICS.fst, ADVANCED.fst and Train-the-Trainer food-safety training programs have been recognized as equivalent to Quebec’s MAPAQ certificates (attestations), effective January 2011.

Instructors who have completed the TrainCan Train-the-Trainer program can resume training BASICS.fst and ADVANCED.fst in Quebec. All three TrainCan programs, which led to 18,300 certifications in 2010, are available in English and French.

The recognition by MAPAQ’s Direction générale de la santé animale et de l’inspection des aliments (DGSAIA) does not bring any modification to the Quebec regulations; it is an administrative approval procedure that will be valid until the Quebec regulations are amended or for a duration established by MAPAQ.

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