Transform Your Restaurant Washroom Into A Touchless Zone


Ninety-per cent of consumers want touchless fixtures in public restrooms. With good reason. Bacteria live on every surface. Transform your restaurant washroom into a touchless zone, and discover stylish safety, efficiency, and sustainability ─ modern cleanliness, without reservations.

For over 150 years, American Standard has worked to keep communities healthy and safe. This unprecedented time is no exception. With a lineup of high quality, durable and stylish sensor-activated products, American Standard has several solutions available now to limit touch points and prevent the spread of germs in public spaces, including:

Proximity sensors: Incorporating Selectronic® faucets and flush valves will remove additional touch points around the bathroom. American Standard’s NextGen® and Paradigm® faucets are designed to be touchless thanks to sensors, and are equipped with integral anti-scald protection.

Anti-microbial surfaces: American Standard’s most popular toilets, urinals and sinks are made with EverClean® anti-microbial surfaces to keep them cleaner, lasting longer and help keep germs from spreading.

Deeper sinks: Pairing touchless faucets with deeper interior sinks will limit splashing and touch points.

Touchless soap-dispensers: With no-touch convenience, American Standard’s  infrared dispenser releases a luxurious cleansing foam resulting in a more hygienic bathroom experience.

American Standard is here to help keep your customers safe and comfortable. For more information, visit American Standard Canada

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