Trending Tastes


Looking back at food trends in 2018, Jane Foreman, manager of Foodservice Marketing and Product Management at Kikkoman says she’s seen the popularity of ethic-flavour-inspired bowls continue to rise steadily.

In fact, more than 31 per cent of restaurants surveyed now serve bowls, according to a Datassential MenuTrends survey in 2017 — from rice bowls to noodle bowls to ramen. “Poke bowls were a major trend in the marketplace and looking at the Menu Trend adoption cycle, the dish appears to be in the adoption phase,” she says. “As popular regional fast-casual chains serving poke bowls expand, this Hawaiian staple is on-track to become a nation-wide phenomenon. We’re seeing it on menus at trendy restaurants and expanding into grocery stores.”

She also points to new and innovative uses of Sriracha in 2018, as consumer demand continues to grow. “Sriracha is an ultra-versatile ingredient and finishing accent that adds a splash of bright fresh-chili flavour and colour to any dish,” she says.

Looking ahead to 2019, Foreman says ponzu will be the ingredient to watch. “Ponzu is beginning to trend on menus and our team expects this ingredient to be utilized much more in the year ahead,” she says. Ponzu sauce, a tangy, citrus-seasoned soy sauce, is often served with sashimi and salads, but Foreman says there are endless possibilities — from ponzu poke to rum-spiked ponzu lemonade and Asian-steak nachos.

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