Triple O’s Enters Ontario

burgers, fries and strawberry shake from Triple O's

TORONTO — B.C.-based burger chain Triple O’s has opened its first Ontario location in Mississauga.

The opening is part of the brand’s larger plans for expansion in the Greater Toronto Area in 2021 and 2022, which is set to see six Triple O’s locations open in the region. This includes a restaurant scheduled to open in Vaughan in April.

Overall, Triple O’s plans to open 30 locations in Ontario over the next five years. In addition to free-standing locations, the brand’s drive-thru restaurants will also be located at Pioneer and Ultramar gas stations through the company’s existing, long-standing relationship with Parkland Fuel Corporation.

“I can’t tell you how many times guests, potential franchisees and even famous expats living in Ontario ask us when we plan to open a restaurant in the province,” says Warren Erhart, president, Triple O’s and White Spot Restaurants. “Well, that day has come in a major way. This is a competitive burger market, but we stand by our unparalleled taste that has converted legions of burger lovers alike.”

Triple O’s is a spin-off of White Spot — Canada’s longest-running restaurant chain — and specializes in 100-per-cent fresh Canadian beef burgers, as well as hand-scooped milkshakes and fresh-cut fries. The chain currently boasts 71 in Canada and in Asia.

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