Triple O’s Launches Triple OOO’s Lunch Blocker

Triple OOO’s Lunch Blocker

VANCOUVER — Triple O’s, White Spot’s premium quick-service restaurant brand, has launched The Triple OOO’s Lunch Blocker, a fun and interactive way to remind people to take back their lunch break and carve out a block in their calendar to spend time out of office (OOO).

A new Maru Public Opinion survey undertaken for Triple O’s of British Columbians who work primarily from a desk shows unhealthy work habits may be more deep-seated than previously thought. The poll found that 79 per cent of healthy work-life balance were equally challenged before the pandemic as they are currently. Of those surveyed who work through their lunches, 29 per cent wish they had designated time away from their desk to eat lunch.

“We’re big on lunch,” says Cathy Tostenson, VP of Marketing for Triple O’s. “It’s important to be able to take a timeout for yourself — everyone deserves it. With the Lunch Blocker, we’re providing a fun and easy way to set aside that time to visit your local Triple O’s and enjoy your favourite burgers, fries and shakes.”

“Our lives are only getting busier,” says Kate Roland, creative director from Triple O’s partner agency, One Twenty Three West. “And our lunch hours are increasingly getting booked over for things like meetings. The Lunch Blocker sends a message: the world might be changing, but lunch is non-negotiable.”

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