Trouble Continues for P.E.I. Farmers


P.E.I. — Prince Edward Island’s agriculture industry is in serious trouble and needs more competitive policies, said the province’s Federation of Agriculture in a recent presentation to the legislative committee.

“The challenges that face agriculture in P.E.I. are huge, and for us to try and tackle them alone makes them even bigger,” said Mike Nabuurs, the federation’s executive director, according to the CBC. “As an Atlantic region, we have a better chance to try and deal with some of these issues.”

The message has become more grave in the past couple of weeks as both the province’s Federation of Agriculture and The National Farmer’s Union agree that millions of dollars in financial aid is needed.

Nabuurs still has hope. According to the CBC, the executive director believes that, specifically, provincial tax and energy policies need to be changed to fall in line with rules for producers in other areas of the country.


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