Twist of Fate


HALIFAX — Halifax Restaurateur Lyndon Hibbert is breathing a sigh of relief after a visit from city officials who told him how to properly zone his restaurant, Caribbean Twist, reports CBC News.

In a report earlier this week, the co-owner of the Jamaican hotspot was told his restaurant wasn’t zoned for foodservice, and he would have to close shop, despite the fact that the year-old eatery had previously been a lunch-time stop.

Hibbert originally promised to fight the order and received an outpouring of support through a petition signed by many community members. “God’s good to me,” he is quoted as saying by the CBC, “and the people… the overwhelming support changed the attitude.”

The zoning change could take months, so a shutdown order is imminent in a month. The co-owner is hoping he’s allowed an extension so his business can stay open until the change is made.

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