Two Chilliwack Restaurants Boycott Farmed Salmon


CHILLIWACK, B.C. — Two Chilliwack, B.C.-based restaurants, Jackson’s Steak House and Bravo Restaurant and Lounge, have stopped serving farmed salmon, joining a movement to save Pacific wild salmon from extinction, reports The Vancouver Sun.

“We are proud to join Bravo Restaurant & Lounge in choosing not to serve open-net feedlot salmon. Instead, we want to support wild salmon that swims past our city in regular, natural cycles,” said Brad Read, owner of Jacksons Steak and Grill House as quoted by The Vancouver Sun.

The “National Salmon Feedlot Boycott” is an organization that has been raising awareness of salmon farms, which it calls large-scale fish factories. According to the organization’s website, fish farms harm the environment and produce infectious viral particles responsible for fish diseases.

“We are very encouraged by the willingness of fine-dining establishments to support environmental sustainability and help protect wild salmon from the harmful practices of the aquaculture industry,” said Eddie Gardner, chair of the Chilliwack Chapter of the National Salmon Feedlot Boycott. [Vancouver Sun]

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