Two New Restaurants Open in Toronto’s Financial District


TORONTO — There are two restaurants located in one hip building in Toronto’s financial district. The Chase and The Chase Fish & Oyster Bar are helmed by chef Michael Steh and Steven Salm.

“The Chase Fish and Oyster represents our pursuit for the finest quality seafood with a strong focus and philosophy on sustainability and seasonal ingredients. Driven by creative presentations, our innovative menu of hot and cold dishes will always highlight the natural tastes of seafood,” reads a statement on the restaurant’s website.

Both eateries, located in the Dineen building at 10 Temperance St., are helmed by executive chef Michael Steh (with Amira Becarevic as chef de cuisine at Chase and Nigel Finley as chef de cuisine at The Chase Fish & Oyster Bar). The beverage menu features an international wine list curated by sommelier Anton Potvin.

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