U.S. Tim Hortons Franchisees Form Alliance

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TORONTO — A U.S.-based association has formed to represent Tim Hortons franchisees south of the border. Called the Great White North Franchisee Association USA (GWNFA USA), the association is represented by Robert Zarco and Robert M. Einhorn of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito P.A. (ZESB).

The GWNFA USA formation follows the March 2017 launch of GWNFA in Canada. At time of launch, membership of GWNFA USA was estimated at approximately half of all U.S-based franchisees.

Both the Canadian and U.S. associations share common concerns and have accused Tim Hortons’ parent company, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), of mismanagement.

“The long-term success of franchise systems like Tim Hortons depends on trust in the franchisor and a fair and equitable distribution of profits,” says Einhorn, who alleges, “Since taking ownership, trust in RBI has disintegrated and it has aggressively imposed changes to the system without consultation and with contempt for the financial well-being of franchisees in the front line.”

Both GWNFA and GWNFA USA are being advised by GWNFA executive director Terrence Connoy.

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