UAE to Become Home of Largest Indoor Caviar Farm


ABU DHABI — Abu Dhabi is preparing to cash in on a gold mine as plans unfold to build the world’s largest indoor caviar farm, which is expected to harvest more than a quarter of the current global production, according to The New York Times.

“Abu Dhabi is an ideal location for distribution of the world’s growing markets for high-quality caviar and sturgeon fillet. In fact, in the UAE alone, demand is around 14 tonnes per year,” Robert Harper, group commercial director at the Royal Caviar Company, is quoted as saying by the AFP.

The high-tech year-round farm, which began operations in 2008, was recently populated with 8,500 fish from Germany and another 47,000 sturgeon is expected this year, so the first fillets and caviar could be available next summer, according to the Times. The new farm is expected to produce 35 tonnes of the prized fish eggs per year.

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