Uber Eats Releases List of Trendiest Food Items, Offers 2019 Predictions


TORONTO — Uber Eats recently released a top-25 list of the trendiest food items of 2018, citing avocado toast, black foods (goth foods), cucumbers and wings as the top-five items on its global list. In Toronto, burgers were ranked as the number-1 item ordered, followed by tacos and burritos.

With a 24/7 service model in place, Uber Eats had a near record year. According to the company, the biggest basket-size order made since Uber Eats launched in Toronto was $894.

Through the app, Torontonians reportedly purchased enough tacos to make a stack as tall as 25 CN Towers; enough burritos to cover the floor of Casa Loma more than four times; and more burgers than the number of people who visited The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in 2017 — approximately 1.35 million.

Looking ahead to 2019, Uber Eats expects clean-eating trends to continue as people move away from Chinese food and pizza delivery. “With an increasingly wellness-focused population, we’ve seen a rise in searches for clean-eating staples from meat alternatives, like tofu and seitan, to plant-based foods like bee pollen and edible flowers,” the report notes.

Fermented foods such as kimchi and kombucha, as well as alternative milk options, will continue to rise in popularity amongst groups committed to healthy living. Bowls, kale, sushi and acai were also listed.

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