Unbun Foods Goes National at MR. SUB with Keto Buns


TORONTO — Unbun Foods — creator of certified keto, paleo, dairy-free, grain-free and gluten-free bakery products — has launched the Keto Bun at Mr.Sub locations nationwide.

Mr. Sub will be the first sub-sandwich chain to offer Keto Buns by Unbun— joining trailblazing partners in the QSR industry, such as The Burger’s Priest and Burger IM, to offer a guilt-free, certified keto, paleo bun. Mr. Sub customers will be able to swap out a traditional bun on any small sub with the Keto Bun for $2.29, plus tax. The healthy, low-carb alternative contains 6g net carbs, 16g fibre, 16g protein, and only 110 to 160 added calories.

“Since 1968, Mr. Sub has been catering to Canadians’ ever-evolving tastes. We’re thrilled to now offer a wide range of menu items that offer new variety, as well as address the requirements of those with alternative dietary lifestyles,” says Nicole Johnston, director of Marketing, Mr. Sub. “We tested these items in select locations this spring and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re confident Canadians will love the latest additions to the menu.”

Unbun’s first major success was an exclusive opportunity with popular burger joint, The Burger’s Priest, which offered the first-and-only publicly announced gluten-free bun option. 

“At Unbun, we’re obsessed with innovation in order to provide our customers with better-for-you bread alternatives, so they never have to compromise quality,” says Gus Klemos, founder of Unbun Foods. “We’re proud to be partnering with Mr. Sub as real innovators and disruptors in its industry to provide Keto Buns across the country.”

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