Unilever Releases World Survey on Waste Reduction


LONDON — Unilever Food Solutions released its latest World Menu Report, revealing a major customer concern about restaurant food at 4,000 restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia, Poland, Brazil and Turkey.

The report, titled “Sustainable Kitchens: Reducing Food Waste,” shows that nearly 80 per cent of respondents surveyed in Western countries, and 87 per cent of those in developing countries, expressed concern about professional food waste. “Food waste in professional kitchens must be reduced to meet consumer needs and, essentially, enable businesses to keep their guests satisfied,” reads the report.

Throughout all countries surveyed, most respondents felt it was the government’s responsibility to ensure restaurants and other dining establishments are forthcoming about their sustainable practices. That report also indicated that 70 per cent of respondents across developing markets are prepared to pay more for meals in places implementing environmentally friendly food waste disposal schemes than in Western countries (46 per cent).

Unilever responded to the survey by creating its “United Against Waste” global campaign, which urges operators and chefs to improve waste management, by joining together to reduce waste and increase bottom line; increase industry responsibility by being open about waste practices; and increase kitchen efficiency, inevitably increasing consumer confidence about sustainability practices. 

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