Unionized Quebec Tim Hortons’ Employees to Obtain First Contract


SEPT-ÎLES, Que. — Unionized employees at four Tim Hortons outlets in the community of Sept-Îles are set to obtain their first collective agreement.

“A long saga is ending and we’re looking forward to a new relationship between employees and the employer that will be based on respect, equity and appropriate treatment,” says United Steelworkers union representative Gilles Ayotte.

An arbitrator appointed by the Quebec government will hold a final round of hearings next week with management and workers’ representatives. The arbitrator will then impose a first collective agreement, within 90 days.

Ayotte praised the determination and perseverance of the 80 Tim Hortons employees, most of whom are women. They joined the union in February 2015, becoming members of Steelworkers Local 7065.

Quebec labour law dictates that a collective agreement must be negotiated within one year of workers being granted a union certification. The Steelworkers claim the employer used a variety of tactics to prolong the bargaining process. Following an unsuccessful attempt at conciliation, the parties ended up in binding arbitration.

As a gesture of appreciation for community support, the Steelworkers and its members are inviting Sept-Îles residents to join them for the final arbitration hearings to be held April 9 to 11 at the Hôtel des gouverneurs.

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