Unusual Specialty Eateries Abound

BarBrutus, Instagram

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t’s seems there’s a market for unique, specialty restaurants. Bar Brutus, a bacon-focused restaurant is set to open in Montreal upon approval of a liquor license, and Nutelleria, an eatery that features Nutella in its dishes, is coming to Brooklyn, N.Y.

Anthoni Jodoin, owner of Bar Brutus, wanted to create a “timeless” hangout for Canadians. “We figured bacon is the manliest of meat, and there’s a trend attached to it,” Jodoin told ABC News. “We wanted to make it approachable and friendly, but with a classy and refined vibe. We figured by adding bacon, everyone is happy.”

The menu features items such as a bacon bowl caesar salad, classic grilled cheese with bacon, bacon-infused vodka, bacon doughnuts and the Jäger poutine.

Nutelleria, set to open in Park Slope, New York, has no official open date yet, but management has been promoting the chocolate-hazelnut eatery since last May. Menu items are rumoured to include hazelnut-spread breakfast pizzas and bacon-banana-Nutella waffle sandwiches.

Bacon-focused restaurants in Toronto include Rashers “North America’s only bacon sandwich shop,” according to its website, and Bacon Nation, which features a Nutella-Bacon Sandwich.

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