Van Gameren Leaves Black Hoof


TORONTO — Food bloggers, charcuterie fanatics and regulars of Toronto’s renowned Black Hoof restaurant were surprised to learn Grant van Gameren resigned from the popular resto this month.

Van Gameren was the founding chef of Black Hoof and is a proponent of the nose-to-tail charcuterie experience.

Jen Agg, now the sole proprietor of both the Black Hoof and its offshoot the Cocktail Bar, says The Hoof will continue doing what its always done and keep moving forward. Agg says the split was amicable.

The restaurant became the talk of the town in Toronto, soon after it opened almost three years ago. Guests enjoy the ambience, service and food created by van Gameren and his team.

In other Black Hoof related news, Agg says The Black Hoof Cocktail Bar is presenting a new guest chef series beginning Sept.14.

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