Vancouver’s Best Eats


VANCOUVER — With foodies tuning into the Food Network to watch The Best Thing I Ever Ate every Monday, it’s no surprise that the print world is asking the local talent what tickles their taste buds, too.

The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby’s set out to determine what city chefs, restaurant owners and foodservice workers like to eat in their downtime. It turns out Cupcakes owners Lori Joyce and Heather White like Café Medina’s vanilla lattes and the honey-glazed doughnuts at Lee’s on Granville Island, respectively; Jade Seafood Restaurant owner, David Chung, enjoys the steamed halibut belly with chopped preserved olives from Deer Garden Signatures in Richmond, B.C; and renowned restaurateur Vikram Vij loves the spot prawns from Maenam.

For the complete list of good eats, click here.


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