Vegan Bakery Café Opens in T.O.


TORONTO — Tori’s Bakeshop, a new vegan bakery café, has opened in Toronto’s beaches neighbourhood, offering an assortment of dairy and refined sugar-free treats.

The shop’s vegan owner, Victoria Vaccher, insists on keeping the vegan trumpeting to a minimum. “I don’st want to scare people off,” she told Blog TO. “I just want to show that vegan food can still taste delicious; you can still have a treat without needing another.”

Large windows invite passerbys to peek into the café, and inside guests will notice the unique design scheme featuring Queen Anne’s lace wallpaper and lights made from industrial whisks. The café offers treats such as scones ($3.50), cupcakes ($3) and homemade vegan “Oh Henry!” bars ($2 to $4) as well as some gluten-free options. The espresso-based drinks are supplied by Merchants of Green coffee.

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