Vegan Eatery to Grow Through Crowdfunding


HALIFAX — A Halifax north end vegan eatery has taken to crowdfunding to raise funds for an additional space for catering and cooking classes, reports The Chronicle Herald.

The owners of EnVie A Vegan Kitchen have turned to IndieGoGo to raise $30,000 of the estimated $60,000 needed in renovations. “Two years ago, we never thought we’d get here. It was really hard to even get a loan to start it. No one thought a vegan restaurant would do well in this city and people told us to just sell meat,” Diandra Phipps told the newspaper. Since then, business has grown and the owners estimate that 80-per-cent of its clientele are non-vegans interested in trying their fare.

In the new space, the duo will be able to offer hands-on cooking classes and host workshops by David Greenberg from Abundant Acres Farm, based in Centre Burlington, N.S. They also plan to host students who will help prepare food to be donated to charities. The campaign launched yesterday and has raised $575. []

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