Vineland Unveils Master Plan for New Facility


TORONTO — Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has unveiled its master plan for a world-class research facility in the Niagara Region.

The new 25,000-sq.-ft. centre will include state-of-the-art research laboratories, a business convergence centre and impressive meeting and conference facilities to support sustainable and leading-edge food and flowers innovations in Canada.

“In 2007, the provincial and federal governments saw real value in what industry was proposing at Vineland — a new research and innovation mandate for Canadian horticulture that would make us leaders not laggards on the world stage. Today, we have the team of researchers and the industry and government partners to make it happen. The timing is right to make the world-class facility, Jack Diamond and his colleagues at Diamond + Schmitt Architects designed, into a reality,” said Donald Ziraldo, Chairman of Vineland’s Board of Directors.

With a focus on fruits, vegetables, wine, flowers and plants, Vineland science is already delivering on nutritionally enhanced varieties of produce, locally grown ethnic cultivars, production practices that conserve water usage and highway tree plantings that significantly reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Vineland’s research is particularly relevant as world food shortages and price increases change global food economies.

“At Vineland we offer the horticulture industry a responsive and efficient environment to conduct research and a place to align business and science interests such as commercialization and technology scouting,” said Dr. Jim Brandle, CEO of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. “If we truly expect to raise the bar for Canadian horticulture, we need the tools and the resources to compete with the best in the world.”


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