Vivo Impresses in Edmonton


EDMONTON — The accolades are rolling in for Vivo, a new Edmonton restaurant boasting Italian fare in a contemporary setting.

Touted by media as a hotspot that will help reshape Edmonton’s culinary landscape, the restaurant features a 16-seat chef’s table that faces an open kitchen helmed by Jordan Serben, a Red Seal chef with 12 years of culinary experience.

Serben’s menu includes an offering of small plates, and its website promises a unique Italian eating experience. “When you join us for dinner, expect it to be a relaxing evening lasting a couple of hours over several piatti [courses]. Your table comes alive when we present a variety of large offerings on platters or in bowls,” reads the site.

At about $25+ per entrée, the full menu includes everything from caprese salad to pappardelle, swordfish steak and tiramisu.

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