Voilà by Sobeys, Farm Boy and Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality Announce Exclusive Deal


TORONTO — Voilà by Sobeys and Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality (O&B) are partnering to offer Voilà by Sobeys customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) a gourmet culinary experience at home. The O&B dishes will be prepared and packaged by chefs in Farm Boy’s test kitchens.

Customers can order a curated selection of O&B’s most-popular dishes alongside their grocery orders through the Voilà by Sobeys online grocery-home-delivery service that launched in June 2020. To start, O&B’s top-selling Artisan Chicken Pot Pie, Bannock’s Tourtière, Leña’s Piri Piri Chicken and Maison Selby’s French Onion Soup will be available. Voilà by Sobeys, Farm Boy and O&B expect the partnership and meal options to continually evolve over time. The dishes are delivered pre-cooked and frozen, in ready-to-heat packaging.

“The last year has been the most challenging period the restaurant industry has ever faced and has motivated our team to innovate and pivot in ways we had never before imaged,” says Andrew Oliver, president and CEO of Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality. “We’re so excited to partner with Farm Boy and Voilà by Sobeys to get this idea off the ground, as well as get some of our people back to work. Our talented chefs have put countless hours into adapting and perfecting these recipes with the home cook in mind, and we’re thrilled to now bring a taste of the restaurant experience straight to the doors of food lovers across the GTA.”

Customers can now add these O&B meals to their weekly shop at voila.ca.

“Customers and communities have sorely missed the in-dining restaurant experience through this seemingly never-ending cycle of lockdowns in the GTA,” says Jeff York, partner and special advisor to Sobeys and Farm Boy. “The entire food industry must rally behind restaurants to create fertile ground for their continued innovation. Some of the most exciting food trends and innovations come from small, local producers and restaurants. Through this collaboration, we are supporting the restaurant industry to continue innovating, thriving and flourishing, even in the face of the pandemic. This is only the beginning of an incredible partnership rooted in food innovation.”

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