Waitress’s Human Right’s Complaint Denied


WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has dismissed the claim of a Winnipeg waitress who was fired for shaving her head.

Stephanie Lozinski, the 21-year-old university student involved, was told her case was not a human rights matter because she voluntarily shaved her locks even though she worked at Winnipeg’s Sawatdee Thai restaurant. Lozinski cut her hair to show support for her uncle who has since died from cancer.

Linh Bo, the restaurant’s manager told the media the dismissal was justified. “If you go [out for] fine dining, what do you expect from a server? Seriously! You walk into fine dining and you have fine dining,” he’s quoted as saying by the Winnipeg Free Press.

Bo insists it’s been made clear to his staff that they must wear their hair appropriately and have no visible tattoos, but the restaurant owner has since apologized.


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