Wendy’s Canada Introduces Greenhouse-Grown Lettuce


TORONTO — Wendy’s is expanding its greenhouse-grown fresh-produce portfolio by introducing 100-per-cent Canadian greenhouse-grown lettuce in its salads and sandwiches.

As with the greenhouse-grown tomatoes launched in 2018, Wendy’s will be the first national brand in the Canadian QSR industry to serve greenhouse-grown lettuce in all of its locations across the country.

“At Wendy’s, we’re committed to using fresh ingredients, whenever possible, across our menu,” says Lisa Deletroz, senior director, Marketing, Wendy’s Canada. “The move to greenhouse-grown lettuce is part of our ongoing commitment to offer Canadians the highest quality, best-tasting ingredients. We know greenhouse farms grow produce that hits the mark for freshness and delicious flavour every time. What’s more, this transition will enable Wendy’s to further support Canadian producers and the Canadian economy, while offering supply predictability and consistency.”

The new initiative is part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to quality, sustainability and food safety. All lettuce served will be grown in Canadian-sourced peat with zero pesticides.

Whole Leaf, the grower of Inspired Leaves, will provide the greenhouse-grown lettuce to all Wendy’s locations in Canada. Located in Coaldale, Alta., its greenhouse technology allows Whole Leaf to capture and reduce its water consumption by more than 90-per-cent compared to field-grown lettuce. Whole Leaf also has an onsite process that captures waste heat and CO2 at the same time, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and allowing it to be completely self-sufficient for electricity and heating.

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